Exile to New Mexico

The whole life I live in New York City with my mother. Only once Mom used online Orbitz coupon codes and we traveled to Orlando. I went to school in New York City, had friends and a boyfriend. I didn’t know the word “exile” till my stepfather appeared. Everything was alright until my mother didn’t meet Richard. It is her second husband. Her first husband, my father, lives in New Mexico with his new family. Richard, I took an instant dislike to him. He is selfish, greedy and double – faced. But my mother loved him and thought he was an angel. I was fifteen when troubles started – they got married and he moved into our house. My mother worked all day long and he sat at home, he supposedly kept the house. In actual fact I did his work: cooked, washed, cleaned rooms. He didn’t allow me almost everything. He set strict rules: don’t invite friends to the house, don’t to go out after 8 p.m., to sit in front the computer no more than two hours in a day, don’t to speak by phone more than three minutes and many others. And besides he demanded that I would get only excellent marks. It was like a prison for me. Also he criticized my style and my dress. He said that I dress tastelessly. It was very terrible. Mother didn’t pay attention to my complaints. She listened only to him. We constantly wrangled with him. And once ha said to my mother that I always disobeyed him, shout on him and they decided to exile me to New Mexico - Grants, to my father. Mom arranged with my father that I would spent with him some time and he gave his consent. My Mom promised that she would visit me. First I was against this insane idea, but than to think over I found this exile very perspective – to live far from this man, I mean Richard, was an excellent idea. I didn’t even care the place I would go. The most important for me was that I wouldn’t see Richard. But nevertheless it was sadly to leave from native place.


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