My Exile at Father's Home

I was sent to my father to New Mexico. As my mother said, it is his turn to bring me up. I was sad that I had to leave my friends and my school. But I had no choice. I couldn’t live with the second husband of my mother. So, I arrived to Grants, it is a city in New Mexico, there lived my father with his new wife Helen and two her children Adam and Rachel, they are sixteen and they are twins. I thought that they would not glad to me, but to my surprise everything was quite the contrary. Helen is a very nice woman; she even gave the separate room and made dinner to my coming. I loved my father and I missed him much. I thought we would have fun, spent time together, speak about different stuff. It is possible that he wanted it too. But I was mistaken. All day long he worked, but when he came back he gave much attention only to Helen. I saw him only twice a day at breakfast, and before going to bed he wished me good night. So, to entertain me was charged to Adam and Rachel. They were rather kind and polite. Strangely enough twins were friends; they had the same interest and the same company. They acquainted me with their friends. Usually I like to meet new people, but first time I felt that I was in the wrong box. But after two weeks I have become very attached to them. We had a lot of fun. We walked cycled, played games. Adam has learned me to play guitar. And I tried to learn him speak French.
   I didn’t even mention how elapsed the summer. I didn’t want to return home. I decided to stay here, in New Mexico, father and Helen weren’t against. My mother allowed me to stay here too. So, the new school year I began in Grants.


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